E2 Interface

This is how a website communicates with the payment gateway with E2 interface. When using the form interface, the payment data is created as a form on the website. The consumer sends this form to the payment service. The payment is then completed in the browser as an immediate result of the customer’s actions.

Creating a Payment via the Form Interface

Supported Libraries

We maintain open-source libraries to facilitate integrating to our E2 interface. These libraries are licensed with the permissive MIT license. If you encounter any problems using the package, please report them to us in GitHub. You can also participate in the package development by submitting us pull requests.

If you would rather build your own integration, see the chapters in this section for more details.


Composer package paytrail/e2-module helps you to embed Paytrail E2 form on your dynamically rendered website using the Symfony or Laravel frameworks, for example. You can import the package to your project like so:

composer require paytrail/e2-module

The package requires PHP 7.3 or newer. The detailed documentation is available on GitHub and Packagist.